Learn, Accomplish, Reinvent Yourself

Tony will guide you thru every step of your fitness goal. Want to lean out and get stronger? Have energy like never before? Fit in your old clothes? Or maybe just regain your confidence and love yourself? Let's do it.
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Transform Your Life

Body & Mind transformations don't happen overnight. You need a delicious meal plan, an awesome exercise plan, the right mindset, and of course the right trainer.
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A Program Tailored to your Goals

Already motivated, just need a program? Looking for motivation, direction, and support? Want a Health Coach who will transform your body and mind?
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Free Consultation

Tony knows how difficult finding an effective fitness program can be. He is happy to provide a no-obligation, no-charge, consultation to discuss your specific goals and how to achieve them in the most efficient and most fun way possible. Let's talk.
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Meet Your Coach

Train with someone who has experience from his very own Body & Mind Transformation. Tony has lost over 50 pounds of fat through proper diet, training, and a change in mindset to realize anything is possible with the right tools. And now his mission is to teach you what he's learned so you can reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.
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Body & Mind Coaching

Move your Mind, and your Body will follow. Move your Body, and your Mind will follow.

About TTF

Even though we all have busy schedules, there is benefits to incorporating exercise into our routine.

Whether you are wanting to prevent health problems, lose weight, train for competition—or just training for life—Tony can get you on the right track.

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